Friday, July 17, 2009

Good bye ! WSO2

Today is my last day at WSO2. I will be leaving to US for my higher studies in August.
I joined WSO2 in September 2006. I did all my work in WSO2 C platform. I worked mainly on Axis2/c, Rampart/C , Sandesha2/C Apache projects. Adding WS-Policy, WS-Security Policy support C stack, rewriting the Axis2/C MTOM support, Fixing bugs and interop issues in Sandesha2/C and contributing to Ramaprt/C on building and processing security header are some of the major contributions I have done. I also worked on some customer projects and involved in some new stuff during my last few weeks. I learned a lot involving in these work.

WSO2 is a great place to work. During my three year stay I never felt it is boring to come to the office. Sometimes when people are doing jobs they are eagerly waiting for clock to become 5pm or the day to be Friday. But honestly speaking during my stay I never felt that. I always felt that time had gone very fast when I was in WSO2. Whenever you feel that time is going very fast that means you are involved in some interesting work or you are not bored with what you are doing. I always felt that hours, days , weeks and months are rushing when I was in WSO2.

I should thank Dr Sanjiva Weerawarna for the opportunity provided for me. His encouragements, guidance, leadership is really great. I am getting the chance to do higher studies mainly because of Dr. Sanjiva.

I should also thank Samisa. I really like to work under his guidance. I learned lots of technical stuff and non technical stuff from him.

Almost all the WSO2 colleagues are really helpful and friendly. Thank you every one for the support and kindness you showed to me during my tenure at WSO2.

I wish WSO2 very best in coming years.


Ruwan Linton said...

Manjula, We are really going to miss you, but it is a new challenge for you. Do the higher studies well and hope to see you back in WSO2. Good luck!! - Ruwan

Manjula said...

Thanks Ruwan. Both of us join WSO2 together.I know you are doing a great job at WSO2. Hope we can work together again.